This weekend was my last scheduled con of the season. It was only my second con, third appearance. I had the great privilege to join the artists of free comic day at Killen’s in Springfield (go check out the store, it ROCKS) for their Halloween ComicFest yesterday. That was a fantastic time. Today was the Springfield Firefighters Lake Club Comic Con. It was a first attempt at a mini con by some great people at the firefighters lake club. An excellent first showing.

This is page two of the prologue story, page three of the web comic (as the cover is page 1). Those who had the chance to see me at either of the cons, or yesterday at Killen’s, have a sneak peek at the rest of the 8 page prologue. It was a very limited press run made specifically for this month’s cons. I still have a few left over that will be a part of collectors packages or used for giveaways later. I don’t know if I will be doing a second printing for future cons or not (although it’s likely, I think).

Inktober has been great this year. An artist I follow and admire, Jerzy Drozd, was considering challenging himself to complete inks for 8 pages during inktober. He would likely have done the challenge anyway, but I reached out and offered to join him in this challenge and mini comics month was born. He has done a great job sticking to the deadline. I have done an adequate job and will likely finish on time (so YAY). It’s been very fun. If you get a chance go check out his work at or his current web comic project with Dan Mishkin, Amazon Academy.

If you caught me at a con, stumbled by here by mistake, or are one of the seven people who check in on me, please drop in a comment to let me know you are here. I would say “to let me know what you think” but it is still pretty early for that.