At long last it is time to post the first installment of Appalachia Tales on the web. This chapter begins the prologue to the main story and was featured in an exclusive, convention only, sneak peek mini comic this month.

To everyone who came out and saw us at Archon, thank you all very much. It is great to see old friends and new fans alike. Archon also regularly features some amazing artists and authors and it was a tremendous honor to meet and be among them. I look forward to next year already, Archon 42 was a GREAT convention.

If you missed us at Archon, you can still get a special mini comic printed version of the prologue at the Firefighter’s Lake Club Comics Convention in Springfield on October 28. Supplies are limited to the first press run, so come early if you want the limited edition print version.

Special thanks to my patron and followers on Patreon. I know it isn’t always easy to contribute so I greatly appreciate what you have done. And for those who follow but can’t contribute, thank you all as well! It is great to know there are some folks out there who have wanted to see this for a long time.