This page marks the last page of the prologue. The 8 page format was selected so I could produce a low price hard copied launch for the web comic back in October at Archon. Very few have been printed and sold with the original $2 cover price. These were sold at a slight loss in order to get it in readers hands and hopefully generate some interest in the web comic.

I had other ideas for a prologue which might come out in smaller flashback chapters in the future, but I decided to go with The Madman Who Would Become Prometheus. Bagril Nilknarf was not a good man before the cataclysm and continued this trend after. He is no hero or role model but he did manage one feat which will help all mankind. Bagril released the sacred energies from behind the veil to allow magic to flourish once again.

This was not his intent, he was just looking for more power, but the outcome was good for all. No longer is magic something that can only be performed at a slow and base level in sacred places and times when the veil is thin enough and planets aligned. Now these energies can be directly manipulated by some. Others cannot even see it, but those who can may also be able to utilize it with practice.

What Bagril did in these 8 pages makes possible much of what you will read in pages to come. His brief introduction is only the beginning.

The next 8 pages begin chapter 1 and will also be printed in an 8 page book. Both books, and others compiled in the meantime, will be available at any of my convention appearances.

The end of this year and first couple weeks of the next are an extremely busy time for me. I haven’t been able to share as much behind the scenes pictures as I like to because of the limited time to draw and create. This will all change mid January if all goes well. Then you will see more sketches and behind the scenes information on my process. Maybe a few of the commissions I have been working on too.

Stay tuned!