Hi all,

August has been a tremendous month. The site is up and running as well as profiles on the platforms I use. You can find me on Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Deviantart and Patreon. I have to confess, Facebook, Tumblr and Patreon are my most frequently updated platforms. Links to all of these are available on the main mushingirl.com website.

This month I have gained two patrons. Thank you Liam C. and Bahsome1 for your support. You already have access to the MuShinGirl Insider forum. I will be building you profiles for commentary on this blog as well.

This month I am also working on an 8 page minim comic for Archon. This small introduction story is called A Promethean Effort and will be the first pages posted to the web comic starting in October. You will be able to buy a limited edition Archon special printing if you swing by the Crystal Heart Imprints table at Archon.

I also have a page done on a separate story arc, also for Appalachia Tales. The story will run on the web comic later but I may post the page as a tease after A Promethean Effort is complete. Following A Promethean Effort, the primary story arc for Appalachia Tales will begin. I am currently in the process of converting chapters previously written as a book into a comic book script format to begin page production. Check me out on Patreon for some behind the scenes looks at that artwork as well as some insight into what inspired the change in format.

I know there are only a couple of you reading this right now, but maybe one day we can grow to three!

Keeping hope alive.