Hello MSG fans (both of you), and welcome to the future home of the Appalachia Tales web comic. Appalachia Tales will be a collection of short stories following various characters all set in the Appalachia Universe. What is the Appalachia Universe? That is a great question, Nick, and I am glad you asked it.

The Appalachia Universe is a fictional setting I have been developing over decades. What began as a place to withdraw from the world while I dealt with divorce, has grown over the years to become a rich and developed world. It is the setting for novels and short stories I continue to work on today. And now, it is the setting for Appalachia Tales.

Everything you see in Appalachia Tales will be cannon. Those of you who are at all familiar with any characters or locations from the Appalachia Universe will likely see someone you know along the way. Those of you who are not, you will learn more as we go. I may also be building a reference guide, wiki, or using Toyhouse in come capacity to provide a reader reference for people and places in Appalachia.

How often are you going to update? Whoa, slow down there, Nick, you are monopolizing the conversation. But it is still a good question and worthy of an answer. The answer is, I don’t know. As a grandmother who has a day job the constraints on my time are legion. I do promise to work on creative output consistently and give regular updates on Patreon, Facebook and Tumblr, but that creative output may not always be Appalachia Tales stories.

Your best bet is to go follow me on one of those social media platforms for the latest updates. There you will have a voice to request what you want to see. I will be blogging here from time to time as well, but this space is primarily for Appalachia Tales.

Thanks for dropping by.