What makes up our legends and myths? Were they exaggerated exploits of amazing men and women from a nameless past, or were they something more? Maybe our myths of magic and monsters is a literal truth, diluted by modernity and time. Inspired by the likes of Jim Butcher, Laurel K. Hamilton and Kevin Hearne, MMXVII is a tale of fantasy and magic set in our modern world.

MMXVII is the newest and least developed of my projects. Updates for this project will be more spread out. This project is in the rotation for my time, but it doesn't get very much. The current update was posted November 19, 2018.

Parents, I would like to note that there are curse words in this work. Some of the characters do not have the same aversion to cursing as I do. I wanted to make sure I told you so you could check it out to make sure it is ok for your kids. I understand if it isn't.