MMXVII: Druid – Ranger - Paladin

The Setting: Set in the modern day, MMXVII begins just prior to the solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. Behind a secret and mystical veil a magical reality exists parallel to ours. For centuries beings from beyond the veil have slipped into our reality and visa versa. These journeys are the source of worldwide legend and myth.

An Army Ranger, his delusional sister and a religious zealot are among those who know that magic is real and portals through the veil exist. The coming eclipse will change the magical landscape in the United States for decades to come. Druid, Ranger and Paladin are at the heart of efforts to grab power in this time of change.

Project Release: This modern fantasy is something I work on as I am able to find time. I will keep everyone posted on progress as publication gets closer.