Frequently Asked Questions

Availability for Illustration and Design


Are you available for freelance work?

I’m not currently looking for any freelance graphic design or illustration work. I’m always open for discussion but my primary focus right now is on my personal work.

Do you take commissions?

The only commissions I am currently free for are sketch commissions, live at conventions. I’m always happy to hear your ideas, but currently I have no commission slots available.

Can I get a tattoo of your work?

Um, sure?

I’m not sure why you would want my work on your body when there are so many amazing tattoo artists out there already. But if you can find an artist who is willing to do it, you have my permission. I’d love to see the result when you are done.

MuShinGirl - Keri Goble Billick

Education and Experience


How long have you been drawing?

Since around 1972 but I didn’t pursue it seriously until around 1984. I’ve been making up stories and drawing as long as I can remember.

How did you learn to draw?

My mother is a very good artist. She encouraged and taught me basics at a very early age. My father is also very talented and has pushed me to improve every step of the way.

When I was 7, I was shopping with my mother when I found a quarter. Mom took me to a nearby five and dime so I could spend my own money on something. I chose a Spider-Man comic that featured the Tarantula as a villain. I copied those Sal Buscema drawings repeatedly. I’ve been learning ever since.

What is a five and dime?

Think Dollar General, only a bajillion years ago with way more candy.

Where did you go to school?

I went to high school and community college in central Illinois. My first degree was for art from Richland Community College. From there I attended Eastern Illinois University where I majored in Graphic Design. I took as many studio and art history classes as I could manage before walking across the stage in 1992 to accept my degree. I was the one with a smiley face on her mortar board, if you were there.

What comics did you color for when you were at Heroic Age?

Yikes, that is a hard list to make. The ones that stand out are Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider 2099, Spider-Man Unlimited and an indy book called Storm Quest. I’m sure there were more but that was almost 30 years ago.

Can you give me a portfolio review or career advice?

I would give artists the following advice: 1) Draw a lot 2) Draw some more 3) Learn from studying other artists 4) Do what feels right, not what people tell you is right 5) Don’t waste time chasing perfection, we will never be perfect 6) Always be learning and trying to grow as an artist 7) Challenge yourself.

Who are your major influences?

Holy cats! That is, like, the hardest question for an artist to answer. Especially one as old as I am.

The short answer is, everyone. But I’m guessing you are looking for something a bit less general. From the hip, listing only 10 to keep this manageable, I would go with (in no particular order): Sal Buscema, John Byrne, Gil Kane, Larry Elmore, Jeff Easley, Frank Frazetta, Jean Giraud, Alex Raymond, Jim Lee and Chris Achilleos. But there are SO many more!

Is your artwork for sale?

Yep. Most of my sales are in person, at cons. Keep an eye on this site. I am developing an online shop where you will be able to order prints too.

MuShinGirl - Keri Goble Billick