Fantasy Works

D&D was my first exposure to high fantasy. For me, it was the gateway to books, movies, comics and artwork to follow. Over the years I have DMed several campaigns for friends and family. We even have a current game running a couple times a month if we can all make it. These sessions, and the rich characters created there, have been an inspiration for my artwork more than once.

Over the decades I have also created my own story arcs, modules, and game settings. Often times this leads my very creative players to want something outside the boundaries of the 2nd Edition rules we use. Never one to stifle creativity, like any good DM, I adjust and modify the rules as necessary to accommodate creativity. In more recent years I have tried to save this “Home Brew” material to share or publish at a later date.

With this section of the site I will be collecting old artwork and creating a fantasy gallery. I will also compile the “Home Brew” modifications I have made for game flow and post links to supplementary materials, just in case there are any 2nd Edition D&D players who make their way here. Ultimately, this section is where I will spill my fantasy nerd soup for anyone who likes that stuff.