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New Website Design

April 10, 2019

If you’re one of those three people who have been visiting my website all along through the years, you will have noticed I like to switch it up. I am greatly enjoying the artistic resurgence in my life. It came with a HUGE re-design after a few years off the web at all.

I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do. Blog? Do a Web Comic? Some sort of gallery? I bounced all over the place, like ya do.


As I start my convention season, I want to get my gallery additions posted along with workshops I offer and my convention appearances. If I am at all close to any of the three of you, swing by. I would love to see you.

That said, I am presenting to the Writing Rituals monthly meeting this Friday at 9:30. It’s a great group and I am looking forward to it. Then, May 3 – 5, I will be joining others from Crystal Heart Imprints to do workshops and panels at this year’s DemiCon in Des Moines. Very excited to be there.

Shout out to my friend David, who turned us on to the Flaming River Con in Cleveland. We will have a Crystal Heart Imprints table there this year. If any of you know of any cons in your area I might dig, please shoot me a line.