Keri Goble Billick


Keri Goble Billick

I write and draw in the science fiction/fantasy genre.

I’ve been writing and drawing as long as I’ve been able to hold a pencil. Mom and Dad were both very creative and talented with their hands. Mom started putting paper in front of me with crayons or a pencil when I was 3. I’ve been creating ever since.

In high school my circle of friends were also creators and gamers. We spent most nights either drawing or playing home brew role playing games. In 1987 we put together a book of our original characters and had the copyrighted. One of those friends went on to establish Heroic Age Studios.

In the early 90’s Heroic Age was among the first digital coloring shops in comics. At the height of comics’ popularity, before the bubble collapsed, we were coloring books for both major publishers and several independents. Those were amazing times with amazing people.

After Heroic Age I focused on a career in commercial graphic design. At places like WhiteCo MetroCom, Dynamic Graphics and the Decatur Herald & Review I honed those skills and learned new ones. I became versed in every element of pre-press production as well as production itself on several different presses. Again, wonderful times with wonderful people.

Since 2005 my creative pursuits have all been freelance. In the recent past I have opened myself up to public sharing of my work again and have discovered the joy of conventions. If you live near one of my appearances, please come see me.