This is, at least, the tenth time I have tried to write a general description of Appalachia for this site. It is so dear to me and so easy for me to talk about that I take the narrative down paths better saved for essays and videos later. This initial content is meant to be concise.

Imagine that all those fairy tales and myths that involve magic are true. The ability to manipulate unseen energies to magical effect did actually happen. In time the arts, known only by a few, fell from knowledge. Only small uses such as reading runes and tarot, or minor feats of ESP made it through the centuries. That is our world, today.

Now imagine that the Mayans were right. The new age did begin in December of 2012 and the events that followed were a slow build to major change. In the universe of Appalachia, that change occurred on the Autumnal Equinox in 2017 and the world was broken in cataclysmic proportion. Millions perished in the decades that followed and those who survived were forced through some very dark times.

But the cataclysm was more than 80 years ago. After the dark days we began to reach out and explore again. We contacted other survivors and established trade. Sure, there was still some conflict, but nothing like the dark days. And best of all, we have rediscovered magic. Some can even see the energies at work in its use. They call them the Angel Tides, and they are beautiful.

It is in this world of new frontiers and remote survivors that the stories of Appalachia take place. I think I am going to stick with this tenth draft for the website. It gives a taste of the setting without spoiling the stories behind it. Those stories will happen right here. From this page I will share short stories, artwork, maps and a link to the Appalachia Tales web comic. So keep an eye out here and on my other social media platforms for updates.