Appalachia: A Series of Illustrated Stories

The Setting: A global tectonic cataclysm broke the world back in 2017. Earth’s circumference diminished and the ice caps melted. The dark days that followed saw death, disease, famine and war. Those who survived banned together in small settlements and learned to live off the land. More than 50 years later, the members of the Franklin Settlement set out to find other surviving settlements.

The story combines a post-apocalyptic survival element with enhanced science fiction tech woven with elements of classic high fantasy. Along the way, our heroes will experience love, loss, triumph and the re-emergence of magic in our world.

Project Release: Over the years the format for this project has repeatedly changed. The current vision includes three separate formats. The main story will be told in a series of heavily illustrated short stories. Smaller tales, outside the scope of the main story, are in a series of comics. The newest format, in development, is a tabletop role playing game.