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Hi internet, my name is Keri. I’m a writer, illustrator and graphic designer living in central Illinois. You can learn more about me below. For more about what I do, read on my friend.

Arting for me

I find satisfaction from the creative process and enjoy sharing my work. Here, I will share my work, commentary on the process and links to the various other platforms where I share my work.

Arting for you

I'm also available for commission or colaboration. If anything I do fits with your needs, hop over to the contact page and drop me a line.

Production Services

Keri Goble Billick

Keri has been writing and drawing as long as she has been able to hold a pencil. Creativity and artistic expression have been an integral part of her life from the beginning. She was producing art for various freelance clients and teaching art prior to graduating college. She attended Eastern Illinois University and walked across the stage to receive her degree in 1992. If you were there, she was the one with a smiley face on her mortar board.

After college Keri continued to work professionally in graphic design, traditional art production, and illustration. For 13 years this was with established production businesses such as WhiteCo MetroCom, Heroic Age Studios, Dynamic Graphics and the Decatur Herald & Review. She launched mushingirl.com in 2001, and since 2005 she has been accepting only select commissions for graphic design and illustration work, spending the majority of her time on family and a handful of personal projects.

While Keri was at the Herald & Review she began to write in addition to producing art. She had the great fortune to write play reviews, interview professionals for the business journal, write restaurant reviews and various lifestyle pieces for Limited Edition magazine. It was her friends and peers at the Herald & Review who inspired her to further develop her writing skills.

Most recently she been working with Crystal Heart Imprints to help encourage, develop, and promote local authors. They hold regular workshops for writers to share their work, brainstorm and flesh out projects, discuss publishing strategies, and just write. Keri is among the talented support staff of Crystal Heart Imprints, who offers a variety of author services at affordable rates for local authors.